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3M Malaysia’s Automotive Flagship Store is now on Lazada

If you are a hands-on automotive enthusiast; prefer to have your car washed and detailed on your own or even want to improve the exterior of your vehicle, 3M’s latest car care range of DIY products will be of interest for you.


The launch of the brand’s first official 3M Automotive Flagship Store on Lazada has now allowed Malaysians the opportunity to browse 3M’s consumer car care product range online. “Our DIY car care kits are easy to use and delivers exceptional results at the fraction of the cost,” said Parameswaran Nair, MD of 3M Malaysia.


Zoe Ng, Assistant Marketing Manager for 3M Malaysia’s Automotive Aftermarket Division demonstrating with the Rubbing Compound to remove light to medium scratches.

Two of the most common questions usually asked by consumers are body scratches and cloudy headlamps on their vehicles. Of the range of products, the brand’s Light to Medium Scratch Removal Set and Headlight Restoration Set should respectively be able to solve both matters easily.


Improving dull headlights

The dull and yellow plastic headlight covers on many Malaysian cars are a common sight. While the discolouration may seem to be just aesthetic, it considerably reduces the light output from the headlamp, which makes night driving dangerous. Here the Headlight Restoration Kit with 3M’s Trizact abrasives uniformly removes yellowing, dirt build-up and scratches without damaging the lens itself.



Removing light to medium scratches

Scratches on a vehicle is the most common occurrence from being in the open – the door handle scoops and minor accidents contribute to these unwanted scuffs. To effectively remove scratches on 2K paint, clear coats and lacquer paint finishes, the 3M Rubbing Compound smoothens and cleans surfaces and also helps in removing oxidation and other stains and blemishes. Together with the One-step Cleaner Wax, body finishes can be revived with immediate results.


Christophe Lejeune CEO of Lazada, Param and Koh Weng Hoe, Senior Division Manager, Automotive Aftermarket Division, 3M Malaysia posing together at the half car that showcases the before and after look the brand’s range of products.

As part of the online launch, 3M Malaysia is offering discounts to shoppers on Lazada from 19th September to 19th October 2018. Four special car care bundles will be offered at a RM 30 discount off the original price.

Furthermore, Carsome’s readers that use the 3MCARSOME15 code will get an additional 15 per cent off the four bundles.


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