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Keep Yourself Safe With These Items From Car Accessory Stores - Carsome Malaysia

Keep Yourself Safe With These Items From Car Accessory Stores

A car is just a mode of transport if you look at its wheels and pedals. To make it yours, you can accessorize your car to suit your needs. However, you should also get accessories that can help you during emergencies. Unlike in the olden days when car accessories were seen as a luxury, car accessory stores are almost on every corner of shop lots and malls. 

With 33.3 million registered vehicles in the country, the car accessory industry is a huge market many entrepreneurs are trying to tap into. In this article, we’re not telling you to buy your run-off-the-mill car accessories like an air freshener or a floor mat, these accessories can save your life when the situation arises. 

Dash Cams from Car Accessory Stores

Dash Cams from Car Accessory StoresIn the unfortunate event of a car crash or accident, footage recovered from the dashcam can be used as evidence to protect its owners and aid in the police investigation. An article by Paul Tan reports that there has been a recorded 255,532 road accidents from January to September 2021. How many accidental close calls have you experienced driving in Malaysia so far? If you lost count, don’t blame yourself for it. In fact, Malaysia has even been rated the 8th most stressful place to drive in! 

Studies have shown that up to 60% of the accidents on the road can be reduced if a dashcam is installed in a vehicle. An independent study further proves that humans tend to be more behaved and compliant if they are aware their actions are being recorded on camera. This is dubbed the Hawthorne Effect. This theory can be applied to owning a dashcam on the road as research has shown that drivers with dashcams installed tend to drive safer. Generally, dashcams can be bought from eCommerce sites or car accessory stores. 

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Jumper Cables 

Jumper Cables from Car Accessory Stores and WorkshopsJump cables or jumper cables can be a lifesaver if your car battery ever goes dead. Jumper cables are two reinforced wires;  a positive and a negative cable. These cables come with crocodile clips on both ends that hook onto a car battery. You can get these from car accessory stores, depending on length and output for around RM200. 

If you do find your car with a dead battery, you may require assistance from another driver to perform a jump start. The term jump starting comes from using these cables to supply power to a car battery from an external source of power in which this case, another car with a live battery running. This process involves hooking your red cable (positive terminal) and black cable (negative terminal) to the car batteries. This process is fairly simple, it will take less than ten minutes as demonstrated in this guide here. 

Portable First Aid Kit

First Aid Kits can be bought from Car Accessory Stores or PharmaciesJust like a first aid kit at home, stocking one for your car is just as important as any other accessory. In the unfortunate case of a car accident, a well-stocked first aid kit can be a lifesaver for the victims while waiting for emergency services to arrive. A decent, fifteen-item first aid kit should go no more than RM50 though you can find better-equipped ones if you spend a bit more. If a car accessory store does not have it, you can just go to the nearest pharmacy to get it. 

While your first aid kit doesn’t have to be fancy, it is important to stock up on some essential supplies. For example, a tourniquet can be used to stop heavy bleeding, a splint to hold broken bones together, and an iodine solution to prevent wounds from getting infected. 

Blind Spot Mirror

Blind spot mirrors can be bought at car accessory storesAs the name suggests, these small, fisheye rounded mirrors play a huge role in allowing you to see your vehicle’s blind spots. For inexperienced drivers, blind spots are hidden areas that cannot be seen by the driver from the driver’s seat even with its rear and side mirrors. The only way you can get a clear line of sight at your blind spots is to turn your head to the left and right accordingly. 

Plenty of modern cars like Mazda and Toyota offer blind spot monitoring sensors that light up in your side mirrors if an object is not within your line of sight. However, for older cars, blind spot mirrors are simple, paste-it solutions that get the job done. Blind spot mirrors are the cheapest and easiest accessory to use in this article and cost no more than RM15 from any car accessory store. 

Car Escape Tool

Car escape tools are cheap from car accessory storesIn extreme crashes, cars could get flipped upside down. A car escape tool is a small, metal-tipped hammer that can also come in the form of a keychain. This tool is designed to break open car windows and windshields safely to allow occupants to exit a crashed vehicle with just a little tap. 

Some auto manufacturers have these given to owners for free and are usually found in the glove box of your car. Otherwise, a car escape tool can be bought from car accessory stores for a fairly cheap price. There are plenty of designs and options available, even custom-designed ones! 

Tire Pressure Monitor System

TPMS are expensive but a worth investment from car accessory storesA tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is a device that is installed on all four of your tires to monitor the tire pressure. Besides continuously feeding drivers with the information about all four tires, it aids drivers by warning them when their tire pressure gets exceedingly low. The device is commonly found in accessory shops but has also found its way pre-installed in most high-end vehicles today.  

Currently, there are two types of TPMS available in the market. The most popular one, Direct TPMS has its sensors installed in the air chucks. These sensors are linked via Bluetooth to an external monitor mounted on your dashboard. The monitor will sound a warning if the air pressure in your tires drops below a certain level. Another type of TPMS is called an Indirect TPMS which works with your Anti-lock Braking System with its wheel speed sensors. Its commonly built into vehicles and will warn you through your dashboard when the air pressure in the tires runs low. 

While these accessories can be quite pricey or a hassle to install, consider adding these to your car to ensure you and your occupants will stay safe when the situation arises. These accessories aren’t a cure-it-all solution for your car; you still need to properly care for and maintain your car, especially your tires and batteries to ensure your car can safely serve you for years to come.

With that, we hope these accessories will come in handy in the future.