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Proton & Iriz Edit

Second-Hand Proton Iriz in Malaysia

The Proton Iriz is a B-segment hatchback manufactured by Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional (Proton). The Iriz showcases a fusion of style and performance, making it a standout choice for buyers looking for an affordable car with impressive handling. Launched in 2014, the Iriz received numerous minor updates over the years from safety to comfort features.

In a highly competitive landscape, the Proton Iriz remains a strong contender in the hatchback segment. With its enticing price point and sharp handling, the Iriz has lasted in the market for over nine years. It competes against other B-segment hatchbacks like the Perodua Myvi and Toyota Yaris.

2022 Proton Iriz Specifications

Here are the specifications of the 2022 Proton Iriz:


  • Engine Type: 1.3-liter four-cylinder DOHC VVT or 1.6-liter four-cylinder DOHC VVT
  • Maximum power: 95 PS at 5,750 rpm or 109 PS at 5,750 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 120 Nm at 4,000 rpm or 150 Nm at 4,000 rpm
  • Transmission: CVT (continuously variable transmission)
  • Fuel tank capacity: 40 L


  • Length: 3,945 mm
  • Width: 1,722 mm
  • Height: 1,554 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,555 mm
  • Boot space: 215 L

Are second-hand Proton Iriz cars good?

Proton Iriz Variants

The Proton Iriz has had many variants over the years with different trim levels and features. It was most recently given a facelift in 2021. With the Iriz, Proton has focused on developing its handling, ride quality, and interior comfort. Now, the Iriz is available in three variants.

  • Proton Iriz 1.3 L Standard CVT
  • Proton Iriz 1.6 L Executive CVT
  • Proton Iriz 1.6 L Active CVT

Proton Iriz Features


  • TFT multi-information display
  • EDO Drive Assist with ECO Mode Switch
  • Intelligent entry with push start button
  • Power windows with anti-trap driver’s window
  • Leatherette Upholstery
  • 60:40 split rear foldable seats
  • 8-inch touchscreen infotainment display (1.6 Executive and Active variants)

Proton Iriz Color:

  • Passion Red
  • Citric Orange
  • Ocean Blue
  • Ruby Red
  • Jet Grey
  • Armour Silver
  • Snow White

Proton Iriz Safety Features

The Perodua Iriz has all the standard safety features necessary in a car at its price point. It even has features that make the everyday driving experience easier, such as hill hold assist.

Safety features:

  • Six airbags
  • ABS with EBD
  • Brake Assist (BA)
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
  • Traction Control System (TCS)
  • Hill Hold Assist (HHA)
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • Reverse camera

Second-Hand Proton Iriz Prices in Malaysia

Here are the prices of a new 2023 Proton Iriz in Malaysia according to the variants.

  • Proton Iriz 1.3L Standard: RM42,800
  • Proton Iriz 1.6L Executive: RM50,300
  • Proton Iriz 1.6L Active: RM57,300

Here are the estimated prices of a used Proton Iriz in Malaysia.

  • Proton Iriz 1.3L Standard: RM14,000 to RM40,000
  • Proton Iriz 1.6L Executive: RM16,000 to RM47,000
  • Proton Iriz 1.6L Premium: RM20,000 to RM48,000
  • Proton Iriz 1.6L Active: RM49,000 to RM53,000

Here are the estimated prices of a used Proton Iriz based on the popular model years.

  • 2022 Proton Iriz price: RM38,000 to RM53,000 
  • 2021 Proton Iriz price: RM32,000 to RM48,000
  • 2020 Proton Iriz price: RM28,000 to RM45,000

Where can I buy a second-hand Proton Iriz in Malaysia?

You can buy a second-hand Proton Iriz at any used car dealer. Alternatively, you can find one on reputable online car platforms such as CARSOME. On the vehicle listing page on CARSOME, you can check the mileage, inspection report, and close-up images of the car. You can even use the filter on our website to filter for cars that are available at your nearest CARSOME Experience Center (EC) to make it easier for you to visit for a test drive. 

If you prefer, you can also walk into your nearest EC to enquire about a Proton Iriz or any car you’re interested in. Make sure you conduct thorough research and inspection of a particular car before you purchase it.

Second-Hand Proton Iriz Service Price & Ownership Cost

Second-Hand Proton Iriz Maintenance & Repair

Regular servicing is essential to maintain the optimal performance of your Proton Iriz and prevent breakdowns. Most modern Protons, including the Iriz, require servicing every 10,000 km or six months where the engine oil and oil filter will be replaced, though you can check the vehicle owner’s manual or confirm it with your mechanic to know exactly what is needed during your vehicle service.

You can find the locations of Proton service centers here. When looking for a service center or workshop for your Proton Iriz, choose one that has the necessary tools and equipment to ensure your car can get the proper service it requires. Alternatively, if the warranty of your Proton Iriz has run out, you can visit a CARSOME Service Center for quality service at transparent prices.

How much is the road tax for a Proton Iriz?

The road tax for a Proton Iriz in Malaysia depends on a number of factors including its engine capacity and ownership type. Here are the road tax prices for a Proton Iriz in Malaysia according to its engine type:

  • 1.3 L: RM70
  • 1.6 L: RM90

Is insurance expensive for a used Proton Iriz?

The insurance of a car is calculated based on the market price of the car, coverage type, location, engine capacity, and your No Claims Discount (NCD). The insurance for a used five-year-old Proton Iriz 1.6 Executive without NCD is around RM1,189* yearly.

*Based on estimations of used car prices.

What is the fuel consumption of a Proton Iriz?

The average fuel consumption of a Proton Iriz 1.3 Standard is 15 km/ L while the fuel consumption of the 1.6 L variants of the Iriz average around 12.5 km/ L.

What is the Proton Iriz R3 Limited Edition?

R3 stands for Race Rally Research and is the racing development division of Proton. To provide Proton buyers with unique race-inspired cars, it has produced several limited edition vehicles including the Proton Iriz R3 Limited Edition. The Iriz R3 was launched in 2021 at a price of RM52,900. It was based on the Proton Iriz 1.6 Premium and received a Quartz Black paint job, a three-piece body kit with yellow accents, an R3 spoiler, and special decals. The interior of the Proton Iriz R3 had splashes of yellow around the cabin including yellow contrast stitching on the seats, and yellow accents around the aircond vents, floor mats, and switches.

Proton Iriz Alternatives

Proton Iriz vs Perodua Myvi

When comparing the Proton Iriz vs Perodua Myvi, it’s important to first decide what you want in a car. Compared to the Proton Iriz, the 2021 third-generation Myvi has slightly more cabin space, a more modern exterior and interior design, ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) on the top AV variant, and a new and improved D-CVT (Dual mode CVT) that provides a smoother ride and better fuel economy. 

On the other hand, the Proton Iriz has one of the best ride and handling in the segment and impressive cabin insulation, giving it a more comfortable ride. The infotainment unit in the Iriz also supports voice commands with the ‘Hi Proton’ prompt.

Proton Iriz vs Perodua Axia

The Perodua Axia is an A-segment hatchback, which means it’s smaller and not as powerful as the Proton Iriz. Compared to the Iriz, the Axia has a smaller 1.0 L three-cylinder engine producing 67 PS and 91 Nm. While the Proton Iriz has a more spacious and refined cabin, its boot space of 215 L is smaller than the Axia’s at 265 L. With its smaller engine and transmission that’s designed for fuel efficiency, the Axia has much better fuel economy than the Iriz at more than 20 km/ L.

The Iriz has a touchscreen infotainment display on the Executive and Active models, while you can only get a touchscreen on the range-topping AV variant of the Axia. Regarding safety, only the AV-spec Axia has six airbags while the lower variants have two. In contrast, the Standard Iriz has four airbags, while the Executive and Active have six. The top-spec Axia also has ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) which is not available on the Iriz. 

Why you should buy a second-hand Proton Iriz from CARSOME

All CARSOME Certified cars are quality assured through a stringent 175-point inspection and professional refurbishment. Additionally, each used Proton Iriz car comes with a fixed price with no hidden fees, five-day money-back guarantee, and one-year warranty.