Return Policy

1. Validity

This Policy shall only be applicable for five (5) days from the date of the Delivery Order (exclusive of the delivery date, hereinafter referred to as “Cooling Period”). This Policy only applies to the Buyer that has full possession and control over the Vehicle during the Cooling Period.

2. Documents and accessories

  • (a) Please fill in the Vehicle Return Form to initiate the Refund Process.
  • (b) Please ensure all the relevant documents and accessories of the Vehicle are present at the time the Vehicle is returned at our Premise.

3. Condition of the Vehicle

  • (a) The Vehicle shall be in the same condition as stated in the Vehicle Delivery Order.
  • (b) Carsome shall have the right to inspect the Vehicle upon a request to return the Vehicle. If the result of the inspection shows any discrepancy between the condition as stated in the Vehicle Delivery Order and the current condition of the Vehicle (“Discrepancies”), you shall either (a) rectify the Discrepancies within five (5) days from the date of being notified of such Discrepancies or (b) instruct Carsome to rectify the Discrepancies and the cost of such rectification (“Rectification Cost”) will be deducted from the Vehicle’s refund amount.
  • (c) This Return Policy does not apply to Vehicle that has been modified or altered from the conditions stated in the Vehicle Delivery Order.

4. Penalty and fines

Any outstanding parking fees, traffic fines, penalties and/or summonses (“Penalties”) incurred by you when the Vehicle is under your possession shall be settled in full by you before returning the Vehicle.

5. Mileage

The mileage between the delivery date and the date of refund shall not be more than 300 kilometres.

6. Refund Process

  • (a) Once the request for refund has been approved, it will take seven (7) working days for the refund amount to be deposited into your account, subject to the discharge and settlement of the incumbent hire purchase process.
  • (b) If a vehicle had been traded in as part of this Vehicle transaction, you would not receive the said trade-in vehicle back. However, we will include the applied trade-in value as part of your refund amount.

7. Deduction of refund

Notwithstanding the above, you will receive a reduced refund amount after deducting any aftersales payments such as:

  • (i) Differential sum for Motor Insurance premium;
  • (ii) Road Tax fee;
  • (iii) Financial Institution settlement interest charge (if any);
  • (iv) Penalties (if any); and
  • (v) Rectification Cost (if any).