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Inokom Edit


Inokom is a Malaysian automotive company that assembles Completely Knocked Down (CKD) passenger cars, multi-purpose vehicles (MPV), sport utility vehicles (SUV), and light commercial vehicles. Popular brands that are assembled by Inokom include Hyundai, BMW, Mini, and Mazda.

What are Inokom cars? 

Inokom cars are launched as local versions of international car brands. This includes Inokom Permas, which is based on the first generation Renault Traffic, as well as Inokom Lorimas (a license-built Hyundai Porter) and the Hyundai-based Inokom Atos. Inokom also assembles CKD cars for brands such as BMW and Mazda

Are used Inokom cars reliable?

Used Inokom cars are reliable in terms of resale value, safety, and performance. However, it also depends on the car's make and model. 

Are Inokom cars expensive to maintain?

Since cars assembled by Inokom are based on different international brands, the cost of their maintenance and spare parts can vary. In general, their cost does correspond with the cost of maintaining cars of similar brands like Hyundai and Mazda.

*Estimates are based on service repairs without major engine or gearbox overhauls.

Are cars assembled by Inokom cheaper?

Cars assembled by Inokom are generally more affordable as these cars are not subject to import duty or tax. Cars assembled in Malaysia also qualify for government incentives and tax reliefs. 

Does Inokom have its own range of cars?

Inokom does not have its own line of cars. It assembles CKD cars for other brands such as BMW, Hyundai, Mazda, and Mini

Where can you get spare parts for Inokom cars?  

While there are some resources online which sell Inokom spare parts, it is best to visit trusted or authorized workshops to make sure you get the best replacement parts for your Inokom-produced car.