Terms And Conditions

1. Definition:

a. “Vehicle” means the vehicle listed on Carsome Platform.
b. “Price” means the purchase price of the Vehicle.
c. “Deposit” means the monetary amount of one percent (1%) of the Price.

2. Carsome will only accept payment via direct debit or credit card through our payment merchant.

3. Carsome will only reserve the Vehicle for three (3) days from the date of successful Deposit payment.

4. Upon the receipt of the Deposit, Carsome’s sales representative will request financial documents for loan submission to financial institutions that are in collaboration with Carsome.

5. In the event of multiple bookings for the same Vehicle by multiple customers, the Booking will be allocated to the first customer who successfully made the payment of the Deposit.

6. The Deposit is only REFUNDABLE upon the cancelation of order, if the said Vehicle has already been booked by other customer or the Booking has exceeded the time limit stated in Clause 3 (collectively known as “Order Cancelation”).

7. The refund of the Deposit will be processed and deposited within fourteen (14) days from the date of Order Cancelation.

8. The Deposit amount is in accordance with Section 31 of Hire Purchase Act 1967 [Act 212].