About You

Part of the Cyber Security team, the Cyber Resilience Lead is a technical & hands on role that will develop, implement and continually review and refine the organisation’s crisis management, disaster recovery and business continuity management strategy, policy and processes to promote good practice, preparedness, and maintain compliance with statutory obligations for Carsome in Malaysia (Headquarters) including its regional offices in

Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and China. They are a key component of the cyber security posture of the company and they work closely with various

stakeholders & engineering functions to ensure that Carsome Group is adequately prepared for a critical business disruption such as cyber attacks and computer intrusions so that its people, processes, systems, and other assets are able to respond, recover, and resume operations safely and efficiently.

Your Day-to-Day

  • Develop the department’s Cyber Resilience Management strategy, roadmaps, policy & procedures
    (comprising crisis management, disaster recovery and business continuity management).
  • Keep abreast of latest trends and threats that may impact the business and initiate business preparedness
    analysis and output readiness plans.
  • Conduct in-house tabletop crisis management exercises to improve business resilience to cyber threats.
  • Enhance awareness & educate stakeholders on various cyber policies & procedures..
  • Conduct Business Impact Analysis and help to coordinate these tasks with the Business Units.
  • Creates & ensures that the Crisis Management, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans remain up-to-date by reviewing the plans periodically.
  • Manages the overall Cyber Resilience testing process and reports results to the senior management.
  • Ability to communicate and perform tasks in the event of a Business Continuity event, and be able to communicate the status of tasks at various levels.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.

    Your Know-How

    • Bachelor Degree in Cyber Security / Computer Science / Information Technology or equivalent.
    • Minimum of 4 years working experience in cyber security / information security conducting disaster recovery / business continuity / crisis management preferably with a cloud background.
    • Strong oral and written communication skills in English.
    • Strong stakeholder management and leadership skills.
    • Understanding of complex process flows and decision matrices
    • Experience leading table top and wargame exercises
    • Experience in incident response and business continuity management.
    • In-depth knowledge on Crisis Management / Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity requirements.
    • Ability to document, plan, market, lead and execute programs to completion.
    • PowerPoint Presentation, Document and Spreadsheet (e.g: Excel, Word) Skills
    • Passionate, Respectful, Collaborative, and Proactive
    • Proven ability to work independently within fast-paced and dynamic work environments while being
      self-motivated and a great team player