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Frequently Asked Questions

View answers for commonly asked questions in this section; or you can call/email us and even live chat with us from Mon-Fri 9am-6pm.

  • Why should I choose offers FAST, FAIR and FREE valuation services for car sellers. Our professional inspectors will evaluate your car condition and quote our offer price. If you agreed to our offered price, provided all documentation is complete, selling your car to us will take less than 24 hours.

    If you don’t agree with our offer price, you may opt to put your car on our bidding platform where our 1000+ registered used car dealer will compete and bid for your car.


    • FAST, FAIR & FREE Service*
    • Transparent inspection and bidding process
    • No hidden charges*

    So what are you waiting for? Valuate your car and schedule for an inspection appointment here.** ;)

    *Only applies for private car.
    *Fair price from all our used car dealer network. We do not sell cars to direct buyers/direct owners and hence our price is different compared to lisiting sites.
    **Only for car less than 20 years.

  • Operation Hours

    • Our customer service office is open from Monday - Saturday (9:00am - 6:00pm).
    • Our inspection service centre is open from Monday - Sunday (10:00am - 5:30pm).
    • Ownership transfer and transaction is available from Monday - Saturday (9:00am - 6:00pm).

  • Do you buy cars that are registered outside Malaysia?

    At the moment, we only buy cars registered in Malaysia, except Labuan & Langkawi.

  • Can I sell a car on behalf of a family member or friend?

    No. You can bring the car for inspection at our office without the owner being present; however we'd require the owner to be present for ownership transfer (since thumbprint is involved) during transaction.

  • Can I sell a car on behalf of a company?

    Yes. We need you to bring along the following:

    • A form of photo identification for the person bringing the car.
    • Letter signed from the company director giving authorisation for that person to sell on their behalf.
    • Company account details e.g. company bank statement.
    • One form of identification for the business address.
    • Both sets of car keys if available.
    • All service history if available.

    Further documentation may be required depending on the scenario, so it is advisable to contact us directly at if you're selling a company registered car. A separate team will be assigned to handle your case and inspection will be done at your premise instead.

    Note that fees and charges may apply if you're selling a company registered vehicle.

  • Do you buy reconditioned cars?

    We only accept reconditioned cars with Company approved permits (AP). Reconditioned cars with Individual AP are not accepted currently.

  • Do you buy performance cars?

    Yes, we buy select performance cars that we list on our website. Currently we do not accept any performance cars with engines that are 3.0cc and above.

  • Do you buy vans?

    Yes. If the model is not listed on our website, you may write in to us at or give us a call at +603 7499 2823 to arrange for inspection appointment.

  • Is there a transaction fee?

    For private registered cars - there is no transaction fee at all! Carsome's service is completely free-of-charge from A-Z. :)

    Fees and charges will apply if you're selling a company registered car.

    Contact us at if you're selling company registered car(s).

  • How do you calculate the price for my car?

    Our experience in buying in used car as well as our comprehensive market knowledge & data mining allow us to build a proprietary tool to evaluate cars realistically.

    Our on-site assessment by our skilled professionals allows us to give you a realistic and fair offer. We guarantee to buy any car we evaluate - so in case you choose to accept our offer, you can immediately sell your car to us and the entire process is managed by us. If you choose to put your car up for bidding, we'll set a reserve price (which is communicated and agreeable by you prior to bidding) and schedule your car up for 3h bidding.

  • What if my outstanding finance is higher than the car value?

    There are two ways to go about this:

    • If the outstanding finance is higher than our offered price, we will still offer to buy your car. You can pay the shortfall by cash or cheque to the bank. 
    • If the outstanding finance is lower than our offered price, we'll settle the amount with the bank and pay you the balance via online transfer.

  • What happens after I agree to sell my car?

    You will need to release the car to us within 5 days from the day you agreed to accept our offer or bid price. Our staff will contact you to arrange for:


    • collection of original registration card (RC) or original vehicle ownership certificate (VOC)
    • ownership transfer with thumbprint
    • approved permit (AP) - Form 1, Form 8, Form 69 for reconditioned cars only
    • cash invoice


    If we have not received any of these documents, we will hold RM2,000 of the selling price as collateral pending completion.

  • How do I sell my car on


    Submit your car detail and contact detail in our website for our Customer Service team to call you or book an appointment through the system.


    1. Turned up for the appointment with documents:

    • Registration card/VOC
    • Spare keys
    • Approved Permit (AP) (for imported, reconditioned car)*
    • Hire Purchase Settlement (HP) (for cash with outstanding loan amount)
    • Vehicle Invoice (for cash purchase)
    • Third party authorization letter (for car under different name)

    2. Inspection appointment shall not take longer than 15-30 minutes. One of our experienced auto inspectors will conduct a thorough 162-point inspection of your car, which includes a short road test. The road drive helps us to determine the realistic value of your car. Photos will also be taken for record and reporting purposes.

    3. We will quote an offer price* and you may accept or opt for bidding**.

    *Only applicable for selected car make and models.
    **We will schedule your car for bidding at the latest available slots.

    Selling Process

    Selling to – Provided all documentation is complete and you agreed to hand over the car with the same day, all ownership transfer and payment will be completed within the same day. You will be given maximum 5 days to hand over the car and documentation to us.

    Bidding Platform

    Your car will bid by 1000+ registered used car dealer. In the event your car is bidded, you will have 24 hours to accept or reject the bid. If you accept, you will be given 5 days to complete the documentation and hand over the car to us. If your car doesn't receive any bids from dealers, you will have 2 more times to put your car on bidding platform or opt to accept quoted offer price by Carsome (if any).

  • What if my car registration card is with the bank?

    If you were to attend the inspection without the car grant, you'll have to send a photocopy to the inspector in charge after the inspection if you want to proceed with bidding/transaction.

  • What if my car is priced at RM100,000 and higher for the final bid price?

    A successful transaction will only be valid upon receipt of a 30% deposit paid by the successful bidder. may also offer your vehicle to the second highest bidder should the first highest bidder fail to make the deposit payment within one calendar day from the day of the successful bid. Should there be no deposit payment by the successful bidder(s) within the stipulated period, reserves the final rights on the purchase of this vehicle.