2018 Perodua Myvi Review – Thoughts From A First Gen Owner

You’ve probably heard of the new Myvi by now. It has been widely talked about – styling, features and best of all the price. Reviews and comments have been mixed thus far, with individuals saying that it is the best car Perodua’s ever made, while others claim that they would rather go for a Honda Jazz instead.

For us, we took the Myvi 1.5 Advance variant over 1,000 km in the span of a week to find out what this car is all about, and what we thought about it from a first generation owners’ perspective. Is it really the best local compact car at the moment? Should you buy it? What are your thoughts?



It certainly has very much improved from the first and second generation. Perodua has moved away from basing the current Myvi on the Daihatsu Sirion with something completely new. The 2018 Myvi is the first Perodua to have an upper body completely designed in-house. We and those who’ve seen the car like the overall design both inside and out. Hence we feel that we don’t have to delve any more into this area.


Conveniences Only Previous Myvi Owners Will Know

After spending much time with the car, we realised a few things that you could only know by having the car over an extended period of time. No doubt most of the features would’ve been covered extensively, but here are some things you have to know.


  • The LED Headlamps with Levelling Adjustment is much brighter and with height levelling, can illuminate distances of quite a few cars ahead. We realised even at its highest setting, the beam never shines into the cabin of the car ahead to disrupt their vision.



  • Rear passenger seats can be reclined. Even with the incredibly spacious rear legroom, rear passenger seat backrests have two positions.


  • The Multimedia unit is the most interesting of all. It features Smart Link and Mirroring for Android phones. Through the unit, Spotify can be used, together with Musixmatch for lyrics. YouTube is also compatible through display mirroring, however Netflix wouldn’t work (we tried). The Navigation unit also (at certain tolls) informs the driver how much change is needed for specific areas.


  • Oh, and that Eco Idle ‘Leaf’ lamp at the instrument cluster? It can be disabled through the instrument system.


Driving Impressions

The new Myvi most certainly has better soundproofing than the previous whilst sitting in rush hour traffic. However while driving, the cabin noise still can be improved further. Driving feel is more solid than before even at Malaysian motorway speeds and more. It does feel more refined and has less roll thanks to the body around bends, with enough feedback for the driver to have more confidence behind the wheel.

Advance Safety Assist and the four safety features of Pre-Collision Warning, Pre-Collision Braking, Front Departure Alert and Pedal Misoperation Control all work as advertised. However, the circumstances in which they will actively work successfully, highly depends on the parameters that have been set for each system to work.


As an example, Pedal Misoperation Control works successfully only if the car is parked facing an object, and the gear lever is moved from Park to Drive before the system kicks in to cut power and prevent a frontal collision. Should the transmission be placed from Neutral to Drive, the system wouldn’t work successfully when we conducted a test.


Similarly, the Pre-Collision Warning and Braking will only work in succession should the warning first actively alert the driver before the Braking is applied. We did test the system multiple times, however it is good to note that it didn’t work everytime we tried.


It is important to know that Perodua has highlighted the ASA as a support system to reduce the chances of low speed collisions, and that the driver should still be in control of the vehicle.



To date, there have been over 36,000 bookings on the new Myvi and we aren’t at all surprised. The 2018 Myvi is certainly the best generation and vehicle Perodua has ever produced thus far. From a first generation’s owners’ perspective, it certainly is leaps and bounds better than any of the previous Myvi’s on offer. Truth be told, we are really proud of the achievements that Perodua has made with this car. From its looks, to build and improvements on passive and active safety, the Myvi is certainly on its way to retaking Malaysia’s favourite compact car crown.


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