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  There are beliefs about cars that have been handed down from generation to generation. With the power of the internet, and Hollywood special effects, some of these beliefs have become even more prevalent. You’ve probably heard of these myths,… read more »

  Buying a new car can be a challenge. It requires a lot of research and time before settling on a car, and even more days spent at different dealerships just to find the right price. Even then, we may… read more »

  Most Malaysian insurance policies are divided into 3 main categories, being third party cover, third party, fire & theft cover, and comprehensive cover. The first 2 categories are pretty basic, doing what they’re named for. The third party policy… read more »

  When you purchase a car, insurance is a necessity and a requirement by law. Because even the most professional driver cannot control the driving of others, as well as the weather or the road, there is a risk for… read more »

  You may or may not have noticed when trading in a car, the value is lower than the actual retail value, or what a car dealership might resell it for. It is often seen as unfair to anyone with… read more »

  Negotiating with the sales team at the car dealerships can be a tedious and sometimes fruitless game. From going back and forth in finding the right price, to getting some extra value for your car, you may spend quite… read more »

  Purchasing a car can be a hefty investment. When you’re possibly spending a large portion of your savings, you want to be sure you’re getting the best deal possible. However, the prices you see on ads are never what… read more »

  Every engine should purr in satisfaction when you turn on the ignition. A poorly maintained engine will lead to embarrassing moments when you’re picking up a date, or when your friends are hitching a ride with you. After all,… read more »

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Nothing’s more attractive than a man (or a lady) who knows how to work with wheels. It’s a great way to roll with the opposite sex and show off your impressive car knowledge at the same time. What’s more? You’ll… read more »

What is NCAP? We’ve seen it on ads and we’ve heard about it from salespeople, but what is it? New Car Assessment Program, or NCAP for short, is a rating that provides independent crash-test assessment of popular cars. Through multiple… read more »

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