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  Fuel is precious. Every month, it takes up a portion of our spending budget, and we can't do anything about it. After all, we need fuel to power our cars, which in turn bring us to our destinations. It's… read more »

  Buying a new car can be a challenge. It requires a lot of research and time before settling on a car, and even more days spent at different dealerships just to find the right price. Even then, we may… read more »

  You may or may not have noticed when trading in a car, the value is lower than the actual retail value, or what a car dealership might resell it for. It is often seen as unfair to anyone with… read more »

  Negotiating with the sales team at the car dealerships can be a tedious and sometimes fruitless game. From going back and forth in finding the right price, to getting some extra value for your car, you may spend quite… read more »

  Purchasing a car can be a hefty investment. When you’re possibly spending a large portion of your savings, you want to be sure you’re getting the best deal possible. However, the prices you see on ads are never what… read more »

  As the Malaysian Ringgit plummets we are seeing goods increase in price across all borders, with the latest one being Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia has announced an estimated 2% to 7% price increment, depending on the model, come January… read more »

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Buying a car – It’s not just the instalments.   Vehicle purchase by financing is the reality of car ownership for most Malaysians. As a result, many people think of vehicle ownership cost purely on the basis of monthly installments… read more »

As Chinese New Year’s approaches, finds out some life hacks tips and also common superstitious believes that will make your trip back home safer and easier.  Many of the superstitious for cars are actually applied from existing superstitions and… read more »

When purchasing a brand new car in Malaysia, there are many factors to take into account. It is true that owning a car in Malaysia will cost you, but with the right research on the brand reputation and value, you… read more »

Are you looking to purchase a new continental car, but just don't know what to get? You're tight on a budget but want great features like all round safety with airbags, audio system with USB, SD card, Bluetooth, AUX-In and… read more »

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