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  After graduating from a college or university, or even school, there are many questions to answer. Where do you go? What do you do? What’s for lunch? And of course, there’s the question of which car to get after… read more »

The new Mazda 2 is one hell of a looker on the road. With sharp design cues adapted from the Kodo Design language, it teases the eyes and soul of drivers everywhere it goes. With an absolutely aggressive front, smooth… read more »

  The B Segment in Malaysia has had a lot of excitement in its offerings for the past couple years. There are the usual culprits such as the Vios’s, the City’s and the Almera’s grabbing headlines with value for money… read more »

  With the Ringgit sliding and our economy down in the doldrums, we are all looking out for ways to save a few bucks.   For Malaysians, refuelling our cars has to be one of the most constant drains to… read more »

We have had loads of new and exciting cars to review and present to you and you’d probably know by now which car offers and does what best. But if you haven’t, you should start clicking through our comprehensive inventory… read more »

Why are so many people buying pick-up trucks lately? What in a pick-up makes them want one so badly even if it means treading through our nastily narrow yet awfully congested roads? Is it the power? Sheer presence? Maybe it’s… read more »

  When you’re looking for the quintessential man, your soul will probably tell you to go for a man who drives a pickup truck. It’s the ultimate rough and tough guy in the world of automobiles. Power lifting the heaviest… read more »

  It’s never an easy decision. There are probably a million calamities that could come from handing your newly road-legal kids the keys to a car. It can also be quite a daunting prospect for you parents. Whether it’s drunk… read more »

  Hands up: when was the last time you considered buying a French car? We thought so. Many people view French cars as a last resort or an outside bet when it comes to choosing their next everyday car. And… read more »

  As much as we love to read about cars that exhibit exciting sporty characteristics, most of us live in the real, practical world. With a family to support and a mediocre paycheck, we’d be fine with a comfortable all-rounder… read more »

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Tags : Cars, Driving, Lifestyle, Reviews
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