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  What better way to herd a pack of sexy two-wheeled beasts on the track than a similarly beautiful car? On 29 March 2015, we’ll be getting a full look at the modified BMW M4 Coupé in action as a… read more »

  The Honda Civic Type R. After three years of teasing us with concepts and announcements, the beast has been released out of its cage. The much-anticipated hot hatch was revealed at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, next to the… read more »

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  We bet that at some point of your life, you thought about what it would be like to have a flying car. You were probably inspired by comics or sci-fi movies, and dreamed of a time when you could… read more »

  So, the dreaded Goods and Services Tax (GST) is finally here, and in action. After a period where everyone’s been holding their collective breaths harder and longer than it takes for turtles to hunt cheetahs, we can now see… read more »

  In Part 2 of our GST updates, we bring you the price updates for our local car brands. Making their way into the GST reduction group, Proton and Perodua both have some great price drops for all of us.… read more »

  Continuing from Part 1 and Part 2, we’re back with part 3 of GST updates. And in this round, we go through the price changes in Nissan, Mitsubishi and Suzuki models. We have more great news for car buyers,… read more »

  Now that you’ve read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, here’s Part 4 of our post GST price updates. On the overall, there’s around a 1% decrease for most car models, with a few exceptions here and there.… read more »

  In Part 5, we bring you GST price updates on Mazda, Ford, and Kia.   Mazda Most models have a minimal decrease in prices, with a few exceptions. The biggest drop goes to the CX 5 2.0 SkyActiv 2WD,… read more »

  Here’s Part 6 of our GST updates, where we handle the price updates from Mercedes, BMW, and Audi.   Mercedes Good news from the German carmaker. All models have a price drop of at least RM2,000. Topping the biggest… read more »

  And the final part of our post GST price updates is finally here. We bring you updates on prices from Land Rover, Volvo and Mini! What we have is a price drop for selected Volvo models and most Mini… read more »

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