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  Purchasing a car can be a hefty investment. When you’re possibly spending a large portion of your savings, you want to be sure you’re getting the best deal possible. However, the prices you see on ads are never what… read more »

  Your first car is a big thing. It’s like your first date with your first love. It may not be the best experience you’ve ever had, but it’s something you’re darn proud about. Especially when you’ve spent your own… read more »

  In Part 5, we bring you GST price updates on Mazda, Ford, and Kia.   Mazda Most models have a minimal decrease in prices, with a few exceptions. The biggest drop goes to the CX 5 2.0 SkyActiv 2WD,… read more »

  Here’s Part 6 of our GST updates, where we handle the price updates from Mercedes, BMW, and Audi.   Mercedes Good news from the German carmaker. All models have a price drop of at least RM2,000. Topping the biggest… read more »

  With a car comes great responsibility. Like driving your younger siblings to tuition, or picking up your friends for a drive. It also comes with the monthly payment that’ll take a chunk out of your hard earned money. On… read more »

  So you’ve booked your awesome car with Carsome. You’ve selected your perfect specs, and bought your car at an excellent price. You have a brilliant colour selected for your car to stand out, and you might even add a… read more »

  As the Malaysian Ringgit plummets we are seeing goods increase in price across all borders, with the latest one being Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia has announced an estimated 2% to 7% price increment, depending on the model, come January… read more »

  This month is a great time to get yourself a new ride. You might not believe it but there are plenty of changes happening at the moment, and there may be more to come in when 2016 finally swings… read more »

    You might think that picking engine oils for your car is as easy as beefing up your child, just shove random stuff in and hope for the best. Unfortunately, you have to be really careful about which engine… read more »

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Buying a car – It’s not just the instalments.   Vehicle purchase by financing is the reality of car ownership for most Malaysians. As a result, many people think of vehicle ownership cost purely on the basis of monthly installments… read more »

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