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Puspakom B5 Report: What Is It & How to Book an Inspection

Have you tried transferring ownership of your car at the Road Transport Department (JPJ) but require a Puspakom B5 report? Sending your car in for a Puspakom B5 inspection might seem complicated and intimidating, but it’s actually a rather straightforward process. If you’re wondering what is Puspakom and how to get a B5 report, below is all the information you need.

Credit: Puspakom

What is the B5 report and why do you need one?

Puspakom is a vehicle inspection company appointed by the Malaysian Government to undertake all mandatory inspections for commercial and private vehicles. It was incorporated in 1994 and is wholly owned by DRB-HICOM Berhad. Puspakom provides comprehensive vehicle inspection services to vehicle owners including scheduled inspections for commercial vehicles, and when owners modify or sell their vehicles.

The Road Transport Act 1987 requires all private vehicles to undergo Transfer of Ownership Inspection or B5 Inspection at Puspakom prior to ownership transfer. This inspection helps to protect new vehicle owners from buying or owning an unsafe and unlawful vehicle such as a cut-and-joined vehicle or a “kereta potong”. When you sell your car or decide to transfer its ownership to a family member, JPJ requires the Puspakom B5 report as proof that it is safe to drive.

Types of Inspections

There are several ways to get your car inspected by Puspakom. You can either visit their center by booking an inspection, via walk-in, or even have Puspakom come to you.

Puspakom Inspection Online Booking

You can simply book an inspection appointment online at the MyPuspakom website or via the MyPuspakom smartphone app. On both platforms, you’ll need to log in to your account or register for a new one if you haven’t already. Then, you need to fill in your vehicle information and owner details, upload relevant documents, and select the branch that you want to visit and your time slot. You then finalize your Puspakom B5 inspection booking by paying online with your credit or debit card. The fee is RM 30 for the Ownership Transfer (B5) Inspection and an additional RM 3.50 for the online booking fee.

Walk-in Inspection

You can also walk in to your nearest Puspakom inspection center to get your vehicle inspected. However, the wait for your turn might be long as Puspakom will prioritize vehicle owners with bookings first. With the number of vehicles being sent to Puspakom every day, it’s best to book your inspection slot instead of walking in. A walk-in inspection costs RM30.

Mobile Inspection Unit at Your Doorstep

Puspakom also provides Mobile Inspection Units for vehicle owners who want the convenience of having their vehicle inspected at the time and place of their choice. There are three types of Mobile Inspection Units: the Mobile Truck for heavy commercial vehicles, Light Mobile Truck for light commercial vehicles, and Mobile Van for private vehicles.

If you opt for an inspection at your home, it will set you back RM30 (inspection fee) plus an additional RM100 (service fee) per vehicle that you want to inspect. With all options, you will get the B5 report right after the inspection. Do note, however, this service is only available in Peninsular Malaysia.

The Puspakom Inspection Process


The Declaration for Release of Liability form with the Third Party Authorisation needs to be filled if you have appointed a representative to help you with the inspection. Credit: Puspakom 

Puspakom B5 Inspection Forms and Documents Checklist

The B5 inspection is a straightforward process and the list of required documents is a short one:

  • Your (vehicle owner’s) identification card (IC) or the representative’s IC.
  • Original vehicle registration card or vehicle ownership certificate.
  • Completed and signed Declaration for Release of Liability form. If you get a representative to bring your vehicle in for inspection, you have to fill in the Third Party Authorization section of this form. Your representative will then have to hand in this completed form during the inspection visit.
  • Of course, don’t forget your vehicle for inspection.
Credit: Puspakom

What to Do at Your Puspakom B5 Inspection?

  • Arrive on time to avoid delays in your inspection.
  • If you made an online appointment through MyPuspakom, just proceed to the dedicated lane and scan the QR code at the scanner terminal.
  • Proceed to the registration counter where your documents will be verified.
  • Puspakom’s vehicle examiners will then take your car to the inspection lane where they will check your vehicle.

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The Puspakom Inspection Standard

Puspakom follows strict standards when checking your vehicle to ensure that it’s safe and fit for the road. Here is everything covered during the inspection:

  1. Identification Check – Verify the identity of the vehicle by checking registration, chassis, and engine numbers against the documentation.
  2. Headlight Test – Measure the vehicle’s light beam condition.
  3. Above-Carriage Check – Examine the upper body of a vehicle for any defects according to the Road Transport Act 1987.
  4. Tinted Glass Test – Measure visible light transmission (VLT) rating of windscreens and windows in accordance with regulatory requirements. As of publication, the VLT regulations from Road Transport Department Malaysia (JPJ) allow 70 percent for the front windscreen, 50 percent for the front side windows, and to 0 percent VLT on the rear windows and rear windscreen.
  5. Smoke Emission Test – Measure the gasses emitted from the vehicle’s engine to ensure they are within the specified legal limits.
  6. Side-Slip Test – Test the alignment of the tires and road handling effectiveness during lateral movement.
  7. Suspension Test – Test the suspension system, including the performance of springs, shock absorbers, and joints on each axle.
  8. Brake Test – Check on the brake’s efficiency and imbalance.
  9. Speedometer – Check the accuracy of the speedometer against the speed of the wheels.
  10. Under-Carriage Check – Visual examination of the under-carriage to screen for potential defects.
 Puspakom Vehicle Inspection Service Flow. Credit: Puspakom

The Puspakom B5 inspection process will take about an hour and once completed, you will be issued a computer-generated vehicle inspection report. The report will be valid for 60 days. Upon exceeding the validity period, the vehicle needs to be re-inspected for a new report.

If you are uncertain as to what type of inspection is required for your vehicle, you can contact Puspakom at their toll-free number – 1800-88-6927. You can also reach out to Puspakom via e-mail or through their social media channel.

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We hope this article can help you with obtaining your Puspakom B5 report and finally completing your vehicle ownership transfer. If you prefer to sell your car without the hassle of going to JPJ or Puspakom, why not sell your car to Carsome? We handle all the tedious paperwork for you for a seamless selling experience. Furthermore, we always offer a fair price and will never undercut you!

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