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School Holiday Destinations for Your Road Trip - Carsome Malaysia

School Holiday Destinations for Your Road Trip!

School holidays are here and it’s time for a road trip! But of course, while your family and loved ones  are out enjoying a change in scenery during this school holidays, keep in mind to always adhere to social distancing, wash  your hands with soap, and follow the given SOPs to keep everyone safe from the current pandemic.

School Holiday

Thanks to the school holidays and the year end holidays, this is the best time to start exploring the beautiful Malaysia and everything it has to offer! Here are some great school holiday destinations for a breath of fresh air with your loved ones.

School Holiday Destinations in Malaysia

Desaru Coast Johor

School Holidays

If you are a beach person, then Desaru Coast is where you and your family need to be. Beautiful beaches, crystal clear water and breathtaking sceneries are at abundance here. There is something for everyone here at Desaru Coast. This location is the perfect escape for those who want just a little peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of the city this school holidays.

The top 5 things that can be done with your at this endless escape are floating down Malaysia’s longest Lazy River in the waterpark, land with a splash at one their famous water slides, finding the perfect swing at the scenic The Els Club Desaru Coast, host a memorable event at one of their most beautiful event space as well as savor their local delights at The Riverside. This is the perfect destination to spend some quality time with your family. While the cases of Covid-19 in Desaru Coast might not be alarming, you should still follow the given SOPs for your own safety.

Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands was one of the famous locations that was not affected by the recent CMCO which might make this destination a much safer destination for the school holidays compared to the rest. If Kuala Lumpur is too hot for you, all you need to do is drive up 2 and a half hours to Cameron Highlands, and voila, cool and fresh weather 24/7!

Not only is this place gorgeous thanks to its rolling hills and jungles, but Cameron Highlands is also known for its tea plantations that you can find at every corner of this place. You can also enjoy fresh strawberries, vegetables, and unique succulents here. Make sure to pack something to keep you warm as the weather at night can be really chilly.


Penang island is located off the western coast of peninsular Malaysia. It is a short flight from Kuala Lumpur or a four-hour drive. The capital city, George Town, is the second largest city in Malaysia and home to a UNESCO heritage listed town center. Penang is the state to visit this school holidays if you want to know more about Malaysian heritage or if you want to go on a food hunt. People do not mind driving for hours to Penang for its food because the food here is like none other.

The Char Kuey Teow, Asam Laksa, Rojak, Nasi Kandar, Pasembor are among some of the mouth watering dishes you can find here. If you are not a food person, you can still enjoy everything Penang has to offer by taking a funicular ride up Penang Hill, enjoy the sunset in Batu Ferringhi or visit the award-winning ESCAPE park where you can zip line, rock climb, climb around in trees, enjoy the water park and much more. Cases in Penang are on the moderate side so always maintain your social distancing with others and follow the given SOPs to keep you safe.


Ipoh is the capital state of Perak and is the home to some of the best hawker food in Malaysia. If you haven’t tried the famous Ipoh Taugeh Chicken Rice, then you definitely need to make a road trip here this school holidays. Ipoh is also surrounded by some of nature’s best limestone caves and in these caves you can find famous temples like the Sam Poh Tong Temple and the Kek Lok Tong temple that exudes a mystical air as the bronze statues and religious decorations surround the stalagmites and stalactites.

You can also enjoy British’s colonial legacy with the beautiful structures such as the Railway Station, Birch Clock Tower, Ipoh Town Hall, and the Old Post Office. While the colonial architecture is not as strong as in Penang, it does offer an insight into the city’s prosperous past. The cases in Ipoh are also not at an alarming stage but to be safe, wear your mask wherever you go and maintain proper social distancing.

But before you embark out on your road trip, you should check your car to make sure you have a safe trip to your destination. 

Check Your Car Checklist 

  • Change your car’s engine oil

It’s always best to check your engine oil level before you go on a trip and if it needs to be changed, its best to change it before the trip itself as long trips can be stressful on your vehicle. 

  • Check your car’s fluids

School Holidays


Make sure to check the various fluid levels in your car and make sure they are all topped off, including the oil, coolant, windscreen wash levels and brake fluids. This is an efficient way to avoid unnecessary breakdowns that could lead to possible accidents. 

  • Check your car’s battery

If the battery has not been changed for many years, check whether it can work well or not. If the sound of your starter is sluggish, it may indicate corrosion or a dying battery. Go change it as soon as possible.

  • Check your tires’ air pressure


The number marked on the tires is the maximum amount of pressure that tires can contain. If this capacity is exceeded, it may cause a tire blowout. On the contrary, low tire pressure may lead to wasted fuel and hotter tires.

  • Check your tires’ wear and tear

Apart from air pressure, checking whether your tires can last the whole journey is also important. Ensure the tread is 1/16th” or 1.6mm because worn-out tires may blow out during long trips.

  • Check your car’s air filter

The car’s performance and efficiency will be improved if the supply of clean air to the engine is plentiful.

  • Make sure your car’s lights and signals are working

It is important to make sure all the signals are functional to avoid the accidents. Ask for another person’s hand to finish this check. Sit in the car and turn on all the lights and signals and ask him or her if the lights are functioning properly.

If you’re looking to upgrade your car before going on a road trip, consider CARSOME Certified cars! Every CARSOME Certified car has passed a thorough 175-point inspection to ensure they are free from major accident and flood damage, as well as professionally refurbished to provide you with safety beyond standards, complete comfort, and refurbished aesthetics for your peace of mind.

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