Are there risks to selling your car online?

Technology has allowed for better and faster transactions than ever before. Whether it is food, furniture, or even cars, getting things sold online is easy but comes with risks. We list the common risks for those who want to sell their cars online and provide you a better solution.


Revealing too much personal information

Most online marketplaces will require the seller to provide contact information, such as email address or mobile number. Many sellers say that they often receive bogus emails or texts; out of the many inquiries, there are only a few genuinely interested buyers. There are also bigger risks that come in the form of overfriendly buyers who may want to view the car you are selling at your own home, putting you and your family at risk of a home invasion or assault.


Getting a deal too good to be true

You’ve probably heard of this one. A potential buyer offers a higher-than-usual market value for your car. He or she then proceeds to request for your bank account number for the transfer. When the transfer is supposedly done, the buyer then sends you the receipt of the transaction, but requests an activation fee for the full transfer. They proceed to send you their bank account number, hoping that you’ll fall for the scam. 


Scammers pretending to be someone else

Scammers may take advantage of the situation by masquerading as a dealer or employee of a car inspection service and reach out to you to conduct an inspection of your car. They may request cash upfront before or during the inspection as a fee. This is a telltale sign that you might be targetted by a scammer.


Is there a better way to sell your car without risks? Yes!

Selling your second-hand car through Carsome can be done in 4 simple steps:

  1. Make a 2-minute appointment booking online at Carsome’s website and wait for Carsome’s customer service personnel’s confirmation. 
  2. Send your car to one of Carsome’s inspection centers at the scheduled date and time for a 30-minute inspection process. 
  3. Once the inspection is complete, Carsome may quote you a selling price, which you can accept on the spot or choose to put your car up for online bidding.
  4. Upon agreement of sale and receipt of all documents, Carsome will manage all the necessary paperwork on the same day and pay you in 1 hour (terms & conditions apply) upon completion of ownership transfer. 

It’s that easy and risk-free! 


Although selling to Carsome does not come with any risk, the process of submitting an appointment has to be done through Carsome’s official website, or to our hotline at 1800-82-3388.  Alternatively, you can reach out to Carsome through Facebook or Instagram, but ensure that you’re on the official accounts to avoid scammers or posers. 



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Selling your car doesn’t have to be complicated. Carsome does it professionally, conveniently, and fast for you!