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Sell Your Used Car At a Higher Valuation

Thinking about an effective way to get the best deal before selling off your car is not an easy task and can be quite a headache. There are numerous things that need to be taken into consideration before you can successfully sell your car to the highest bidder. 

How to Mark Up the Price Of Your Car

Here are some tips you can consider doing to mark up the price of your car before you sell it off.

Service Up Your Car

Sell Your Car

The very first thing you need to consider before selling your car is check your car’s health and its maintenance. Try to fix up your car as much as you can as all this will add up to the final price of your car. When your car is in its tip top condition, the resale value goes up as well.

  1. Examine your car’s engine

Do change the engine oil or the black oil if it is necessary as the cost to change these oils is not much. Other than that, you should also ensure that the water level in the necessary areas are filled up, replace the front and back wipers if they are not functioning smoothly, check the brake light and all the other lights if they need changes and lastly, remove any dust and dirt that might be stuck to the inner parts of your car. These changes can be great selling points to increase the chances of your car being bought over at a higher price.

  1.   Examine your tire

Sell Your Car

Do ensure that the air pressure in all your 5 tires are enough and if these tires are in bad condition, you should totally get new ones. Or you can replace them with good quality used tires that can also be found on sale. But do ensure that the elements of safety when it comes to tires are complied with.

  1. Examine the body of your car

Though a little dent and scratch might not do anything to your driving style, but it surely has a big impact on your car’s resale value. If your finances allow it, you should touch up your car’s body so that there are no more dents or scratches. But if you are on a budget, you can always “DIY” to fix these details.

Wash the old into a NEW

Other than your engine, your tires and the body of the car, some of the other things you should take into consideration to hike up the resale value of your car is to clean up the insides of your car. Stash away all your personal belongings that you have in your car like your shoes, clothes, GPS, cables, and wires, among others. Ensure all these things are out of your car before you drive it up to your nearest dealership. A neat and clean car is not only pleasant to the eye but speaks a lot about your personality and character as well.

  1. Clean the insides of your car

Vacuum away the nasties, the dust, and the hidden dirt from all the nooks and corners of your car including the dashboard. You can also go one level higher and hire a deep cleaning service to wash your car’s seat that is surely filled with stubborn dirt, mold, food droppings, and or even your baby’s puke.

  1. Wash and shine your car

Sell Your Car

Before you drive up to the nearest dealership to get your car sold off, you should send your car for wash and polish. When your car is clean from the inside and shines like a diamond on the outside, it makes everyone happy. For extra brownie points, spray some car refresher for some final touches before you send in your car for evaluation. Who knows, that refreshing scent might just be your shining light in getting a higher price for your car (just kidding).

  1. Fix up the minor details

Another thing that you can do is repair all the minor hookups that your car might have like cleaning up the oil stains from the door hinges, ensure the audio system is functioning well, or even checking if the seatbelt is functioning smoothly. These small details will surely help you sell off your beloved car at a higher price.

How to sell your used car

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