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Get a Home Delivered Test Drive Today

Get a Home Delivered Test Drive Today

With the current Movement Control Order (MCO) in most states and the alarming rate of Covid 19 cases, Carsome introduces a Home Delivered Test Drive feature for the safety and health of all our customers and employees.  This takes your car buying experience to a whole new level by bringing this experience to your doorstep.

Buy and Sell Used Cars

Carsome brings Used Cars Straight to your Doorstep

Carsome is an automotive platform in Malaysia that offers online car buying and selling services for used cars. Not only that, but we also offer home-delivered test drive that can be done from your home.

If you want to sell your used car, all you need to do is:

  1. Book an appointment on Carsome’s website
  2. Our Carsome Consultant will contact you to schedule an appointment at your nearest inspection center and to confirm your details.
  3. Attend the inspection – this process will only take 30 minutes!
  4. You can either accept our offered price on the spot or you can choose online bidding.
  5. Once you have decided on the price of your car, you will get the payment in one hour. *

Pemeriksaan Secara Terus di Rumah | Home Inspection

If you agree to sell your used car to us, you can set a date to get all the necessary documents done for an easy transaction with Carsome. You can choose to either:

  1. Send your car to your nearest Carsome Experience Center
  2. Have us pick up your car from your home at NO extra charge

With just these 5 easy steps, your old car can now be sold at 20 percent higher than the regular market price. The best part, all the relevant documents and sales of your car will be handled by us.

Home-Delivered Test Drive

For the home-delivered test drive feature, all you need to do is:

  1. Book a test drive on Carsome’s website.
  2. Our Carsome Consultant will be in touch regarding your request.
  3. You will be shown a selection of cars through a video call and you can pick your favorite car for a home-delivered test drive.
  4. Get a feel of the car at the convenience of your time and test drive around your neighborhood for free.

Buy Used Cars

If you are happy with the used car that you had for a home-delivered test drive, once all the paperwork is done (which will be done by Carsome), we will send your new used car straight to your home. This new way of buying a car is definitely hassle free and fast.

Carsome’s Updated SOPs

Carsome's SOP

For your information, all our inspection and experience centers are still operating as usual throughout the MCO period. So, in addition to the test drive options straight to your doorstep, you can still come directly to any of our inspection and experience centers near you. While you are here, you would have to adhere to Carsome new norms and SOPs for the safety of our employees and customers visiting our premises. Do visit the website for more info.

*This article was originally published on 19/01/2021. It has been updated on 09/09/2021 to reflect the latest information from Carsome.