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Things You Didn't Know About Malaysian Uber Drivers
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Here’s a fun fact. The US statistics of ride sharing slash transportation network company Uber says that 85 per cent of their drivers’ main reason to work with the company is because they offer more flexibility in their schedule and balance their work with life and family. And that 61 per cent of drivers have a full-time or part-time job outside of Uber.

But who are Uber drivers? What do they do in their careers? We speak to a few Uber drivers on their experiences driving passengers, the most interesting moments they’ve had, and the lesson’s they’ve learnt along the way. Due to the local happenings and disputes between taxi drivers and ride sharing services, the names of the drivers have been changed to protect their identity.


Do you have a personal set of rules as a driver other than the ones set by Uber?

“Yes. It’s integrity, honesty and trust. Integrity to earn the trust from the passenger, honesty that the passengers are taken to their destination in the fastest routes, and trust so that they are able to arrive safely to their destination.”- Khairil, 28.

“Accept all requests, and be patient for your riders. Don’t rush them.”- Fei Yong, 32.


What has been the most interesting comment from a rider?

“I’m a stroke patient and wheel chair bound since July this year. Just recently in early October, I had an attack and my wife couldn’t get through to the emergency number for an ambulance, so she decided to call for an Uber. Driver Andy responded and arrived as quickly as he could, and knowing that I wasn’t well, he drove me to the Sg Buloh Hospital, got off and alerted the hospital staff. My wife went to the hospital separately, and when it came to the fare, Andy initially declined to accept anything, but with some persistence, he reluctantly accepted the fare. I can’t thank Andy enough for keeping me awake during the journey, and for his integrity.”- Rider Yong Shun of Driver Andy, 35.

“I took Uber to work like any other day. On the way while stuck in traffic, my driver Nasrul stopped at the side to help an elderly uncle who was stopped and had his hazard lights on. The uncle just needed some directions to which Nasrul obliged. Being Merdeka month at the time, I couldn’t help but feel proud for him being a Malaysian and assisting someone regardless of the colour of their skin. As a Malaysian of Indian descent, Nasrul reminded me why we celebrate Merdeka. Thank you Nasrul for being a true Malaysian.”- Rider James of Driver Nasrul, 32.


What has been the most “chaotic” encounter you’ve had so far?

“Quite a few, having drunk customers who don’t know their address, almost caught in a fight with taxi drivers, and sending a pregnant lady to the hospital.”- Faizal, 26.

“Picking up a tourist and insisting that I use her directions instead. We ended up using a longer route to her destination.”- Wai Hong, 30.


What motivates you other than the finances of being an Uber driver?

“It provides me the opportunity to encounter all sorts of people, of different ages, and foreign travellers as well. It’s interesting that they will share their stories of culture and what their backgrounds are. It helps build my confidence in being able to speak English with strangers.”- Johan, 38.


What would be your one piece of advice for fellow Malaysians interested in becoming Uber drivers?

"Being an Uber driver will offer you one of the most valuable experiences by making it interesting. At the end of the day, it's not about the money, but the experience it gives you."- Gary, 25.

"The best prediction is creation. Just do it."- Ganesh, 38.


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What do you think about the drivers and passenger's response? Share with us your thoughts in the comments!


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