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Ford EcoBoost Trackday Experience

It’s no secret that Ford has been making waves over the last few years with their EcoBoost system applied across their range of passenger and performance vehicles; proving that performance can be delivered without compromise.


As such we were recently part of a media drive comprised of a variety of Ford’s offerings. This included the Ford Fiesta, Focus, Focus Sedan, Kuga, S-Max, Mondeo and the much-lauded Fiesta ST which were all put through a series of tests in a safe and controlled environment.


After a quick bite and mandatory safety briefings in Cyberjaya, we were flagged off for the Avillion Hotel in Port Dickson during which we were given a challenge to cover more or less a distance of 50km with only RM20 worth of fuel.


The drive to PD through a series of highways and mix of back roads allow us to fully experience the drivability and performance of the EcoBoost range. Even for a 1.0 turbocharged Fiesta, keeping up with its more potent seniors in the Ford range like Mondeo and Focus was a breeze.


After an elaborate lunch spread at the Avillion Hotel, we were given the results of the RM20 challenge and surprise surprise; even for a vehicle as large and heavy as the Mondeo and S-Max, it made the journey between Cyberjaya to Port Dickson with around RM17 worth of fuel. Impressive, considering the fact that we weren’t exactly gentle with the pedal.

But the real fun began upon our arrival at the Putrajaya Recreational Airstrip. The compound was segmented into 3 sections for the Acceleration Test, Braking Test and the Precision Challenge.


The acceleration was a real treat in the sense that we had our eyes open as to how the EcoBoost system managed to propel larger cars in the Ford stable such as the Kuga, Mondeo and S-Max with such rapid relentlessness. Similarly, the said vehicles performed just as well with poise and composure under hard braking and evasive maneuvers.


Subsequently, we were given the Ford Focus and Fiesta EcoBoost for a quick spin around a pre-meditated course which highlighted how nimble and more importantly how fun they can be without compromising on safety.


With imminent rain threatening to dampen the mood of the evening, the program was swiftly proceeded and ended with taxi rides in the Ford Mustang 2.3 EcoBoost as the professional driver at the helm drifted around the course; once again proving that you don’t need much to have fun!


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