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25 Reasons You Should Get a Volkswagen
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If your dream of happiness involves staying in the comfort of your home for the rest of your life, then a Volkswagen may not be the car for you. If your ideal mode of travel is a slow, dull and boring doze fest next to sweaty people stuck on a bus or train, then a Volkswagen may not be a vehicle you like. If however, you enjoy the unrelenting passion of exploring the roads with a partner that’s safe, reliable and ready to rock on the gravel, then a Volkswagen is the car that you need. While the Volkswagen brand may be the only reason you need to get a great car, your non-driving partner may need more reasons. Well, you don’t need to worry, as we’ll list 25 solid reasons why you should get a Volkswagen. 


1.    It’s better experienced than explained


Explaining how a Volkswagen feels is like telling others how great your favourite ice cream is. It’s always better when you get to experience it yourself. 


2.    Steel door “rhino” hinges


The door hinges are forged steel, so you can leave your car like a boss and never lose the solid clunk click of a Volkswagen door.


3.    ISOFIX for your child


With ISOFIX, properly securing your child’s car seat is much easier, maximizing protection when travelling.


4.    Laser welded body

Volkswagen cars are laser seam welded; this means the car is zipped together with laser welding down the joints for a strong and sturdy structure.


5.    More Air Con 

The Volkswagen Tiguan has the most air conditioning vents around. Creating the perfect temperature in your car.


6.    Sound Proof Cabin


Volkswagen cars have sound proof film on the glass windows, and the doors are fitted with dampeners so you can drive in peace and quiet.


7.    TSI Engine


The award-winning TSI technology offers great performance with fuel economy and low emissions.


8.    Great transmissions and drivetrains


Whatever your driving style, Volkswagen has the transmission and drivetrain to suit you.


9.    ABS (Anti-lock braking systems)


All Volkswagens are fitted with ABS to help you keep control of your car in emergency braking situations.


10.    4Motion


The 4MOTION permanent four-wheel drive system from Volkswagen distributes the engine’s power to all four wheels as required to provide high active safety, reliable traction on virtually all surfaces.


11.    Braking and stability systems


Volkswagen is always developing new technologies such as to keep your car safe and smooth on the road.


12.    DCC (Dynamic Chassis Control)


Dynamic Chassis Control offers a way to adapt your suspension to the road.


13.    ESC (Electronic Stabilisation Control)


Advanced Electronic Stabilisation Control detects critical situations to stop skidding before it begins.


14.    Dynamic Cornering Light


Headlight beams will swivel to follow the angle of your steering wheel.


15.    XDS (electronic differential lock)


XDS technology lets you grip the road when cornering fast. It improves responses to ensure a safer drive.


16.    Start/Stop BlueMotion Techologies


Start/Stop Technology helps you save energy, and money whenever you come to a stop.


17.    Polo Sedan/Golf 1.4/Jetta – The highest torque in their class




18.    Crumple Zones


Designed to absorb the impact of a crash and protect occupants.


19.    6-speed Tiptonic


It’s fun to drive.


20.    Coming home/Leaving home system


The system keeps the lights on for you for a short while before they switch off automatically.


21.    Euro NCAP Safety ratings


Gives you independent safety reports for our cars so you have more peace of mind.


22.    Airbags


Protects you in the event of an accident. Prevention is always better than cure.


23.    Multi-function steering wheel


A safer, more convenient way to drive.


24.    Electronic parking brake


Let’s you park quickly and easily – at the touch of a button


25.    0% interest and cash rebates!


Selected Volkswagen cars are even more affordable with the 0% Interest campaign!



So that’s it folks. 25 solid reasons why you should drive home a Volkswagen today. At the end of the day, you’re getting a great quality car at a wonderful promotional price. What’s more, you can get the best offers from Carsome Certified Dealers. 


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