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Here's a fact. At some point when selling a car has been necessary, we've all had or consulted a friend for advice. Why not a car dealer first? Reasons could be convenience, hassle of haggling, a friend wanted to take… read more »

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As we have explained in an infographic about the true cost of vehicle ownership in Malaysia, many still wonder how they are able to maximise the value of their current vehicle. There are various answers to this, however all of… read more »

First of all, there are some key areas that are checked when car quotes and estimated figures are given. There are four main things that are usually considered when determining a vehicle’s price – modifications, mileage, maintenance, and condition of… read more »

The new year is here! It is common to have new year resolutions, wanting more from what you have, and for some, the joy of looking at a new car. As you'd expect, a new car doesn't necessarily have to… read more »

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Let's be realistic. Selling a car usually entails a few things that is usually long and tiresome. You'd want an easy way to have the least amount of hassle that is involved in the process of selling a car. What… read more »

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A few days ago, we had a young walk-in customer who stopped by our inspection centre at Petaling Jaya for a price evaluation of his seasoned Japanese vehicle. It was already 20 years old when it was passed on to… read more »

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No E30 BMW 3-series coupe deserves to be in this state. Credit: Our neighbour down south may struggle with this concept but in Malaysia, it’s not uncommon to own a 20-year old car. Unlike Singapore whose vehicles are bound… read more »

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Credit: Selling your car might just sound like you’re just disposing off an old faithful pair of shoes into the dumpster but in the reality of things, it is far from it. The process of selling a car isn’t… read more »

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Selling your car shouldn’t be a tormenting experience. Dealing with endless “potential buyers” in random locations, transactions and transfer procedures, standing in long queues are grievances that have been associated with the selling of a car. That said, we can… read more »

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Has anyone ever heard the saying that, every time the notion of selling a car is brought up, friends or family will mention, “Want to sell your car? Do it before the end of the year” OR “Your car is… read more »

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