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Cost of living on the raise, it’s no secret. Everything from tolls, sugar, flour, electricity tariffs and other essential commodities have increased. And for most of us, especially the poor old fresh grads earning chump change we call salary nowadays,… read more »

In an age where everything is done via remote, sensors or through the net, it comes as no surprise when cars of today can provide such a luxury if you can afford them of course. Here’s a few cool car… read more »

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Can you keep your eyes on Gigi Hadid?  Coinciding with the recent market launch of the BMW M2, the Bavarian marque released its campaign starring American supermodel Gigi Hadid. The film starts with her getting into one of three parked… read more »

Whether it's wearing your company uniform or putting on something presentable for the office be it casual, chic, stylish or dapper, you take your time to look your best. You get into your car at 7.30 in the morning and… read more »

The pick-up truck has been and will be the quintessential vehicle used for moving utilities from place to place. In fact, the pick-up truck and the popular hybrid passenger pick-up in Australia is categorised and called the “ute” or short… read more »

Malaysians love their cars. We're born into a country that's obsessed with the motor vehicle. This could be mainly because of how expensive it is, or it could be because we have two national car companies, wide open roads, an… read more »

Driving the hectic roads of Malaysia, you need one thing; focus. Whether you’re weaving through the crowded roads of Kuala Lumpur, exploring the kampung streets of your hometown, or just cruising on the North-South Expressway, you’ll need a whole lot… read more »

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As most people learn, sometimes having a car is a great responsibility. You have to always pick up friends, family and just about anyone that asks. And after a while, you recognise some of your passengers’ traits. Here are some… read more »

  Who are the kings of the roads? Are they the rough and tough big boys in enormous trucks? Or are they the lean, mean pack of chopper riding wolves? Both bikers and truckers have built up a reputation as… read more »

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The annual Axalta Global Automotive Color Popularity Report — the most comprehensive of its kind in the industry — finds that for the fifth year running, white is the most popular car color across Asia, Africa, Europe, America and South… read more »

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Tags : Cars, Driving, Lifestyle, Reviews
Tags : Cars, Driving, Lifestyle, News
Tags : Cars, Driving, Lifestyle, Reviews
Tags : Cars, Driving, Insurance, Tips