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We Malaysians are very proud of who we are. Despite differences in political beliefs, religion, race and even car choices, we are extremely excited when we see something Malaysian anywhere. When we go on holiday, we’re pleasantly surprised by Malaysian… read more »

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  With the invention of cars came the problem of where to park them. Especially in cities, you’d be hard pressed to find parking. And when you do, you’re likely to get blocked by double or even triple parking. It… read more »

  Driving in KL can sometimes be dangerous, with the amount of potholes, road raging drivers and misleading signs making you an accident waiting to happen. So it may seem surprising to some of us city-dwellers that there are roads… read more »

We’ve seen the movies, and we’ve watched the shows. We’ve seen the cars, and we’ve fallen in love with them. It’s probably a common dream for most of us to dream of owning a car that we see on the… read more »

Picture credit:   You’ve watched the movies, you’ve played the games. And now, it’s happening to you. A virus has broken out, and the dead are coming back to life. You get to live the action movie of your… read more »

  Earlier, we presented to you five of the ten commandments of driving. We talked about how you should be kind to others and learn how to use your signals. We also gave some advice on the basics of parking… read more »

  Driving can be enjoyable on the roads. It doesn’t have to be a nightmare for everyone who’s sharing the roads. It’s because some of us are a little less respectful of others that we end up with a road… read more »

  The latest instalment of the Fast and Furious franchise was epic. It was action-packed, filled with funny moments, heart-stopping action and a whole lot of insanely beautiful cars being destroyed. And then there was the Paul Walker tribute. Without… read more »

    Car drivers often complain about the bad habits of motorcyclists. From bad attitudes to weaving between traffic, it annoys car drivers to share the road with these 2 wheeled folk. However, motorcyclists often have their own grievances about… read more »

Motorcyclists and car drivers have been at each other’s necks ever since they shared the same road. They honk, swear and argue with each other every single time they share the road. The cause? It can range from the small… read more »

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