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  With the cost of living getting higher every year, it can be expensive to own a car. Unless you have a local make (which isn’t very cheap either), your car can range from RM70,000 to a few hundred thousand…read more »

  When we get into a car, most of us think we’re experts. Unfortunately, what we think and what we do is always different. We make simple mistakes that would seem basic, even as drivers with years of experience. Here…read more »

  If you live in the city, driving can be a horrendous nightmare. Yet, it’s unfortunate that we have to spend our lives on the road and all we can do is make faces at the car next to us.…read more »

  When you get behind the wheel, your personality changes completely. From the shy guy who never talks at the office, you’re now swearing in 3 foreign languages at the same time. Like the internet, your car is like a…read more »

  A boring stock car doesn’t do much for the guys who are passionate on the road. They need mods that define them, and help their car stand out. You may notice that there are distinct groups that come from…read more »

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