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Popular Malaysian actor, model and TV host, Awal Ashaari is a familiar face in the local scene. From his early days as a newsreader for 8TV, to winning the FCUK Model Search competition, Awal has gone on to star in… read more »

*The New Civic with the optional Modulo bodykit....saucy! It’s here! It’s here! We’re sure all of you has been teased to the verge of melting by now, but it’s here! Honda Malaysia launched the ALL-NEW Honda Civic today in a… read more »

When it comes to B-segment sedan choices in Malaysia, there's only a few choices available. You're probably thinking of that local car that everyone drives on the road, or even more, the Japanese or Korean branded sedan. Truth is, with… read more »

A Beast is a word that describes something that’s wild, large and dangerous. Sometimes even ugly. So when the word Beast is given to a car as a name, would it make you think of something unruly?  Could it be… read more »

Number plates; to most of us, they’re just there for the sake of legally having the car on the road – and so that cops or speed cameras have something to record. We’re sure that if it’s possible, we’d all… read more »

Bad habits on the road are prevalent everywhere we go, especially in developing Asian nations. But here in Malaysia, Truly Asia, we represent probably the most interesting breed of road users with bad habits of the most peculiar and sometimes… read more »

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Getting stuck in a jam everyday on your way to work isn't a choice, it's a ritual. You get up early, brush your teeth, get changed, drink some orange juice, maybe grab a slice of toast or two and bolt… read more »

  Proton loyalists, if there is such a group of people, can finally take to the streets with chants of celebration for the new Perdana. It’s been too long since Proton's Centre of Excellence churned out an exciting new product,… read more »

Unless you don’t have Facebook or you’re not aware of local news, you’ve probably heard a piece of news on a huge local telco company facing an even huge-erer debacle in social media supposedly regarding their lower data allowance.  The… read more »

Cost of living on the raise, it’s no secret. Everything from tolls, sugar, flour, electricity tariffs and other essential commodities have increased. And for most of us, especially the poor old fresh grads earning chump change we call salary nowadays,… read more »

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