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  At some point in your life, you will hear people talking about certain car brands. It could be someone’s bragging about their new car, a new model from a specific brand, and even when you’re asking around for research… read more »

  So you’ve made it big in life. You’ve reached for the stars, and grabbed a fistful of the heavens. You’re at the top of your game, and you need something to add a touch of fanciness to your life.… read more »

  Have you ever entered a car and thought that it’s a lot more spacey than you expected? I’m not exactly the smallest of people so space is a very important aspect of comfort for me. If feel the same… read more »

  The holidays are here, and so is the cheer. As with every holiday season, the dilemma arises. What do you give to your loved ones? Or what do you buy to reward yourself? The sweater is a little too… read more »

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  The Honda City needs no introduction as a car that’s designed to save the day in a city that makes driving a dull affair. Stunningly smooth lines on the outside are a sight to savour, while a powerhouse of… read more »

  When you’re looking for the quintessential man, your soul will probably tell you to go for a man who drives a pickup truck. It’s the ultimate rough and tough guy in the world of automobiles. Power lifting the heaviest… read more »

  Have you ever wondered about the numerous automotive manufacturers, brands and who they all belong to? Well, while you’d like to think all brands are separate, a lot of automakers are actually part of a larger company. We take… read more »

  Back in the day, there were cars that were popular, either for their practicality or simply because they were the best option of the time. Now that the technology’s improved by a fair bit, we’re already seeing their replacements… read more »

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We Malaysians are very proud of who we are. Despite differences in political beliefs, religion, race and even car choices, we are extremely excited when we see something Malaysian anywhere. When we go on holiday, we’re pleasantly surprised by Malaysian… read more »

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  With the invention of cars came the problem of where to park them. Especially in cities, you’d be hard pressed to find parking. And when you do, you’re likely to get blocked by double or even triple parking. It… read more »

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