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For many of us, growing up with Volvo's in the 80s and 90s brought memories of robust vehicle's with angular lines of the 200, 700 and 900 series. While many only remember Volvo's as these boxy vehicles, the brand also… read more »

  We're kidding! And we don't condone such acts for you to buy that Porsche or BMW of your dreams! But, we do advise you to take the proper steps below to buy a reasonable car.     Of course… read more »

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Accidents on the road can involve a range of scenarios. This could be from vehicle to vehicle, cars with pedestrians, trucks with motorcycles and much more. Off late, there have been many recorded accidents in Malaysia with the latest news… read more »

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Unlike the undefeatable Nokia 3310 that has probably outlived some of its owners, there aren’t as many novelties in a car that we’d like to see make a comeback. While bringing back the former Finish powerhouse's inpenetrable device may seem… read more »

Almost 40 years ago, multinational engineering company Bosch began series production of the antilock braking system or ABS for short, which lay the foundation for most safety systems in a vehicle today. The technology is a simple yet effective safety… read more »

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There're no shortage of road signs in Malaysia to adequately inform motorists to anticipate what's ahead. Often times though, these signs get neglected and the severity of the consequences can range from cause congestions or worse, injury or even death… read more »

Recently, the Isuzu MU-X 7-seater SUV marked a memorable debut in the 2016 Borneo Safari International Off-Road Challenge where it won the “Vehicle of the Year” Award. This year’s edition was supposedly the toughest in the last 12 years; with… read more »

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Chevron Malaysia's Caltex with its recent launch of the brand's Power Diesel Euro 5 with Techron D in Malaysia marks a growing availability of better and cleaner diesels locally. Developed with close to a zero sulfur content, the new Power… read more »

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The Volkswagen Golf is a very special car. So much so that in its lifetime of seven generations since 1974, the Golf has not only been in the top three list of the annual European Car of The Year Award… read more »

It’s no secret that Ford has been making waves over the last few years with their EcoBoost system applied across their range of passenger and performance vehicles; proving that performance can be delivered without compromise.   As such we were… read more »

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