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Credit: We've recently received a statement from UMW Toyota Malaysia which we thought needed immediate attention by our readers. We've shortened and simplified the facts and here are 8 Things You Need To Know about the latest Special Service…read more »

Enthusiasts will know that at the turn of the recent millennium, BMW launched a series of films titled 'The Hire' which starred Clive Owen as "The Driver". The eight short films split over two seasons in 2001 and 2002 showcased…read more »

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The Renault Koleos marks the brand's entry into the D-segment of SUVs, of which the previous generation C-segment was at. The new SUV, which was launched early last month, brings the vehicle's introduction to Malaysia early, ahead of Europe and…read more »

When was the last time you washed your car? That question happens rather frequently at the end of the week. But have you ever wondered why after it rains, your car will be left with that layer of dirt on…read more »

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The advancement of cars nowadays have reached a semi-autonomous state that many have forgotten about the creations and innovations of the simplest things in the everyday vehicle. From the humble spark plug, to the comfort of switching on the vehicle's…read more »

With our cars nowadays doubling up as "moving 7-Elevens", we wanted to know what you think, among these essential items, are the most important to have in a daily-driven vehicle. Upvote or downvote the items based on how important they…read more »

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Malaysia is rich in diversity and culture. This is not only evident in our history, food, practices, but also in the automotive scene. From our national cars Proton and Perodua, national oil and gas company Petronas, Sepang International Circuit with…read more »

UMW Toyota Motors recently launched Sienta compact MPV brings with it a young and fresh vibe for the brands local line up. This comes just after a few weeks from the company's introduction of the Alphard and Vellfire. In its…read more »

Malaysians are generally automotive driven, and in all aspects, connected to the brands that drive this passion for anything on the road and off it. We can see this in the country’s first national car company Proton, the association with…read more »

Have you ever been caught in the rain, having no other choice but to slow down drastically because your wipers seem like they’re made of wet newspapers with no wiping effect whatsoever? Or have you ever found replacing a pair…read more »

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