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The 'Hungry Ghost Festival' as it is known, is one that is held every 15th night of the seventh month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The festival receives its name from the festival in which living descendants pay homage to… read more »

Here’s a fun fact. Did you know that about a third of cars in Malaysia would have Bosch wipers installed on their windshields? More so, did you know that there are more than a dozen types of windshield wipers made… read more »

Recently both Shell and Waze teamed up to launch Asia's first accident-prone spots alerts for Ramadan and Aidilfitri 2017. The pop up on Waze app users will remind them of the 50 most accident-prone spots across Peninsula Malaysia which has… read more »

Over the last 10 years or so, much has changed in the Malaysian automotive and transportation landscape. Roads have been renamed, highways and MRT tracks have been erected, even the scenery of cars have changed. But one name persists; a… read more »

The 2017 season of the Audi R8 LMS Cup began early this month with an interesting line-up of new drivers and innovations to make this sixth Cup season, one of the most interesting yet.    In terms of innovation, this… read more »

After doing thorough research, you have finally decided on getting a new car. The price is attractive, but other than that, you want to know more about the cost of owning a car for the next 5 years. Fret not… read more »

So you're looking at getting that first car but don't know what a car loan is, and how to get it? This guide should be sufficient enough for you to get started and be on your way to your first… read more »

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So which generation of the 5 Series is your favourite? Share with us your thoughts in the comments!   Want to know more about the new (G30) 5 Series? Click here to check out the launch and details of the… read more »

For many of us, growing up with Volvo's in the 80s and 90s brought memories of robust vehicle's with angular lines of the 200, 700 and 900 series. While many only remember Volvo's as these boxy vehicles, the brand also… read more »

  We're kidding! And we don't condone such acts for you to buy that Porsche or BMW of your dreams! But, we do advise you to take the proper steps below to buy a reasonable car.     Of course… read more »

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