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Volvo Cars has revealed the all-new third generation S60 mid-size sports sedan at the company’s first United States manufacturing plant in Charleston, South Carolina. Here are the highlights.   The Looks The new S60 is the first Volvo car made… read more »

Tags : Cars, Lifestyle, News
It is finally here, the new BMW 8 Series Coupe brings a second chapter to BMW’s first E31 gran tourer that ended its production at the turn of the last millennia. The primary development objective for the new 8 Series… read more »

When was the last time you changed your wipers? Does it still wipe as well as it did on the first day? What about inconsistent wipes? If any of these questions come up frequently, it is certainly time to change… read more »

Komyosha was established in Tokyo by Jujiro Moteki in 1881. It was not until 1898 that the company was incorporated and renamed Nippon Paint. This marked the birth of a full-scale modern paint industry in Japan. In Malaysia, the brand… read more »

Hari Raya is next week! To ensure you have a smooth ride back home, this simple checklist is just in case you've forgotten something! The basics for your vehicle in tyres, fluids and more. Bookmark and check back for up… read more »

Plug-In Electric Vehicles (PHEV)’s are a growing market in Malaysia. A quick look at increasing number of charging stations and an estimate of over 10,000 PHEV’s of various brand’s sold locally as of 2017, is a clear indication of the… read more »

You would probably be wondering what a Tatra is, and why it is in focus for this edition of the Icons series. However, a look at the T87's shape, and you could have an idea why. Although mostly unknown, Tatra… read more »

In conjunction with the expansion of their existing car fleet, SOCAR has announced a celebratory driving week on their car-sharing app. Members can choose to book selected cars at the special price of RM 3 - 6/ hour with 30km… read more »

The Mercedes-Benz Concept EQ spells a beginning for the new generation of electric vehicles that is set to be the future of mobility. And it is here for the first time in South-East Asia through Mercedes-Benz Malaysia's EQ Brand Exhibition… read more »

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) has introduced EQ – the new brand for electric mobility which stands for “Electric Intelligence”. Upholding the values of emotion and intelligence, the Mercedes-Benz brand will look to operate under an all-new brand portfolio that stands alongside… read more »

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Tags : Cars, Driving, Lifestyle, News
Tags : Cars, Driving, Lifestyle, Reviews
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