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So it's the new year. You've decided that enough is enough with that thing you call driving over the past year. Road statistics state that with every following year, traffic related accidents and deaths just keep rising. What can you… read more »

According to a survey recently conducted by Bosch Malaysia, it found that seven out of 10 vehicle breakdowns are caused by battery malfunctions. Out of that, they also found that 75 per cent of Malaysian drivers use maintenance-free batteries, with… read more »

Tags : Cars, Driving, Tips
Credit: The local sports car scene last week was treated to a new excitement in our market in the form of the new Mazda MX-5 RF. But it wasn’t the fastback alone that was introduced to wet the masses’… read more »

Previously in our article we briefly explained what an All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system and how it’s increasingly gaining prominence in the Japanese and Continental marques in our market. A quick recap on the system shows that an AWD system is one… read more »

Credit: All-Wheel Drive (AWD) vehicles are those that transfer power to all four wheels; all the time as the name suggests. AWD systems owe their lineage to the Audi Quattro that pretty much started the commercialisation of AWD systems… read more »

Tags : Cars, Driving, Tips
Just a while ago, we came across a conversation we had with a reader. He asked about the abbreviations for a few common car safety terms, namely ABS, TSC and ESC. They wanted to know what these magical letters meant,… read more »

Accidents can happen to anyone anywhere. This could mean that you're at risk coming out of your home, backing up at the mall's carpark or waiting at the traffic lights. The thing is, you could be the safest driver in… read more »

Tags : Driving, Tips
These days, dealerships don’t actually hand over the keys to our new car – well, not the keys that we’ve grown accustomed to at least. Instead, what you get is a plastic-ish casing the size of a matchbox, called Key… read more »

If you’re uncertain on what Agreed Value vs Market Value is on your Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage, look no further as we explain the different car insurance premiums in Malaysia with an aim to educate you on what these two… read more »

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Malaysians working in and out of the city know that the traffic congestion isn’t getting any better. But the truth is, with a public transportation system that fails to be punctual and reliable, getting to work through a vehicle of… read more »

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Tags : Cars, Driving, Lifestyle, Reviews
Tags : Cars, Driving, Lifestyle, News
Tags : Cars, Driving, Lifestyle, Reviews
Tags : Cars, Driving, Insurance, Tips