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Do you know how important engine oil is, to the functioning of a car’s engine? If you didn’t, it is important to learn up. Engine oil lubricates the engine’s moving parts so that it reduces the effects of heat, and… read more »

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Did you park your vehicle outside of a designated parking area, or parked without paying or displaying your ticket? In Kuala Lumpur, those three separate offences have a RM 50 fine within the first 14 days, after which, increases to… read more »

Two years ago, we underwent BMW’s Driver Training Programme, an introduction to the Advanced module course that combines technology and driving skills to assess and overcome potential hazards. The Driver Training Programme in essence, is a course that was introduced… read more »

Every car with a combustion engine has an exhaust pipe. The gases emitted from the otto cycle and out the exhaust contains a range of chemicals that include carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrocarbons and more. By default and in modern… read more »

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Could you imagine night driving without road lines, markers and signs? Even more so, nobody really takes into account the technology involved in these items. People tend to forget that without these guides, driving at night can be very daunting,… read more »

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Petrol or diesel. This is seen often at the gas station when you refuel your car. You would then double check the label on the pump handle to ensure you’re filling it right. For owners with diesel cars, the fuel… read more »

How many hours of sleep did you get last night? Is your drive going to be more than an hour? If your answer is less than six hours and yes, you are already more than two times likelier to get… read more »

Did you just get your first job? If not, are you looking to get a car? Do you need one? These questions are easy and straightforward, but unfortunately the cost involved in getting a car isn’t. This was the discussion… read more »

This topic is largely controversial as it opens up the debate on which system is better. However if looked at both objectively with facts and real world tests, it is certain that both systems do have their advantages and disadvantages… read more »

"Why didn't you take the other way?! You've stuck us in a jam!" Does the above sound familiar? They are usually uttered in the car by your passengers; better known as 'back-seat drivers'. But don't get us wrong, no. Not… read more »

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