Mercedes-Benz’ sales performance for 2016 has been its highest ever with 11,779 vehicles sold, up nine per cent from 2015 and a record year for car launches – 17 models to add onto a 2016 portfolio of 50 vehicles for…read more »

With Chinese New Year looming just around the corner, most we’re sure, already have “balik kampung” or outstation trips in mind. With hundreds of kilometres to cover, hours of being cooped up in the vehicle and alarming accident rates, we…read more »

Before we bid au revoir to the last of the older generation of Volvo’s, which in this case would be the T5 XC60, we decided to have a go in it for the last time before we welcome the more…read more »

By now the Perodua Bezza would be a familiar choice for Malaysians looking at purchasing their first vehicle. But of course, since its unveiling in late July, the local automotive scene has seen new car launches which aim to compete…read more »

The D-segment has been rather competitive this year. With Volkswagen's recently released eighth generation Passat, Honda with their facelifted Accord earlier this year, and just as of publication, Toyota's updated range of Camry's. Strangely enough, despite hailing from the same…read more »

For more than a decade now, continental cars aside, the D-segment has been primarily dominated  by the likes of Toyota’s Camry and Honda’s Accord. Highly unsurprising even though they do come at a premium, especially when you sift through the…read more »

Iconic – a term too often and too loosely thrown around for cars that you wouldn’t be faulted to think that it could be under threat of losing its flavour and credibility. Dictionaries have defined the word iconic to be…read more »

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Not too long ago, we got to immerse ourselves in the stream of changes that Korean cars have been making over the years and quite frankly, we were quite impressed with the latest Hyundai Tucson and the bounds of improvements…read more »

While we eagerly anticipate getting our hands on Renault’s new Koleos, which if you haven’t already seen, looks eye-wateringly handsome. But recently we did manage to review the Renault Clio; the GT Line not the R.S. 200, sadly. We’ve all read,…read more »

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Up until the late 2000’s, in what seems like a turning point for its design and quality, Korean-manufactured vehicles have always had a prior stigma to them. Dreary looks and shoddy fit and finish are archived facts that we all…read more »

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