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The Mercedes-AMG C 43 like the GLA 45 we last reviewed may have the same AMG badge and performance numbers that are close, but how each car behaves and who they’re meant for makes it all the more interesting. Is… read more »

Thanks to the recent growth of popularity in SUVs worldwide, Mazda too has prioritised this segment lately. Considering the brand already has the CX-3, CX-5, CX-8, CX-9 and CX-4 on the way, we think the brand has placed more focus… read more »

The AMG name is easily one of the most recognisable letters in the automotive world that’s also distinctly tied to Mercedes-Benz. But apart from knowing that AMG’s are more powerful versions of standard Mercedes’, how did it start, and how… read more »

Tags : Cars, Driving, Reviews
Since its revival by the BMW Group, the Mini brand has been an absolute hit. The new generation Cooper hatchback designed by Frank Stephenson was the start of an all-new stand-out design that had a thing for circular shapes and… read more »

Tags : Cars, Driving, Reviews
When it comes to PHEVs locally, the BMW Group in Malaysia is leading the plug-in hybrid line-up and is doing its best to keep it there. Out of 10 PHEV models currently available for sale in the country, BMW Malaysia… read more »

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Perodua is known for making extremely practical cars. When it launched the first generation Myvi in 2005, it quickly caught up to become Malaysia’s best-selling model in 2006, and for the next eight consecutive years. The Myvi till today, is… read more »

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Kia’s fourth generation Rio is quite an underrated hatchback. Locally, the hatch doesn’t quite get the attention it deserves based on its pricing point, segment and competition. Considering it was launched just months before the current Perodua Myvi, the economics… read more »

Tags : Cars, Driving, Reviews
Volvo’s XC60 SUV has been a success for the brand. It has been nine years since the introduction of the first, and since then became the bestselling premium mid-sized SUV in Europe with almost a million units sold worldwide –… read more »

The PHEV market locally is steadily growing. Yet, there are only three main brands in Malaysia that seem to be invested heavily into the platform of the future of electric vehicles. However to get there, the transition between petrol and… read more »

You’ve probably seen the new CX-5 on Malaysian roads by now. It’s been a long time coming since the first generation launched back in 2012. While the previous version had various introductions (launched with 2.0 CBU, with CKD a year… read more »

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