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The much anticipated Proton Saga was finally released to the grand and warm reception of all whom were in attendance last week. But of course to many, this is seen as the competition of the Perodua Bezza that was launched…read more »

Just when we thought the Perodua Bezza would take over from the Myvi in being the new "people's car", the newly launched Proton Persona proved that it wouldn’t take any less recognition as a practical, affordable, compact sedan of quality…read more »

There are different types of vehicles for various purposes. There are cars that go fast. Cars that carry more than five and cars that are able to cross difficult terrain amongst other varieties. But how about cars that are able…read more »

With the launch of the new Bezza, it’s clear that Perodua’s new offering would be capable of taking over from the Myvi as the brand’s next torch bearer with its exceptional features, practicality and sheer value for money. But is…read more »

Car prices. Mention this to any Malaysian or Singaporean, and you’ll get a long list of complaints and if you’ve time to sit down into a constructive debate, you’ll probably come out flummoxed about its structure. Malaysia has its Excise…read more »

Are you looking to purchase a new continental car, but just don't know what to get? You're tight on a budget but want great features like all round safety with airbags, audio system with USB, SD card, Bluetooth, AUX-In and…read more »

  With the changes in prices in 2015 and 2016, there wasn’t much to look forward to in terms of getting a new car. However, a brand new year, brings brand new cars. Here, we have some highlight launches you…read more »

  In recent years, the MPV segment has received tremendous growth as demands for this sort of vehicle has increased. Drivers whom are used to driving sedan cars are considering to upgrade to MPV as they provide better space and…read more »

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Buying a car – It’s not just the instalments.   Vehicle purchase by financing is the reality of car ownership for most Malaysians. As a result, many people think of vehicle ownership cost purely on the basis of monthly installments…read more »

  This month is a great time to get yourself a new ride. You might not believe it but there are plenty of changes happening at the moment, and there may be more to come in when 2016 finally swings…read more »

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